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​How Do I Place An Order?


You can place your order through this website and pay at pickup or through the online payment services. 


Where is the Popcorn Made? 

Every batch is made in a State Health Board certified kitchen in Elon, North Carolina. 

Can I Order Popcorn without Nuts? 

At this time we are turning out large batches of our Bestselling recipe which currently contains Almonds and Locally Grown NC Pecans. 

Do Kids Actually Make the Popcorn? 

Yes! Under strict supervision ;) 

At the heart and sole of this business, every batch helps young entrepreneurs realize the value of hardwork, cost vs. reward and follow-through. 

Returns & Refunds


We do not have a return policy because chances are if you hate it, someone else will devour it! BUT, if you are entirely unsatisfied, we are happy to let you try another batch! 


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